As Good As it Gets…

Premium Elk Products, guided hunts, and stock




Hemlock Hills Trophy Ranch, LLC as established in 2006.  We operate a 230 acre hunt preserve near Gilman, WI and a breeding facility near Medford, WI.  Our goal is the highest quality animals, products, and hunt experiences our industry has to offer.

Our preserve, is a trophy hunters paradise. Our ranch is diverse to make your hunting experience both challenging and rewarding. From the stands of mixed hardwoods to the lowland swamps to the cedar and hemlock hills that resemble the dark timber country of the West. This is no fish-in-a-barrel hunting preserve!

At Hemlock Hills, we offer top quality, guided trophy hunts for Red Deer, Elk, and Whitetail Deer. Our focus is the quality of your hunt and the quality of our herd. From the moment you make your reservation with us, we will work with you to determine how we can best meet your requirements and goals of your hunt. Were not just about the kill but about your entire hunting experience.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our animals. We have an extensive feeding and herd management program that enables us to have some of the best animals you will find. Unlike some other preserves who only order shooter stock based on booked hunts, we book our hunts based on our existing and projected herd. We would rather not book a hunt than compromise the genetics and the future of our herd. Our goal is to have a primarily self sustaining herd and only add new animals for genetic improvements and variations or for special requests by our clients. The majority of our herd has either been born in the preserve or has lived there for majority of their lives. They know every square inch of the ranch and use it to their advantage.

Hemlock Hills is open for hunts from September thru December. There are no license requirements or hidden fees. We will do everything possible to make your hunt with us an experience of a life time. At Hemlock Hills Trophy Ranch, your hunt will be as real as it gets!

In 2012 we introduced retail meat sales of our high quality elk. These products are available for sale locally and thru our website.  We will offer limited quantities of product available and will be of the highest quality.  In 2016 we introduced our line of 100% pure elk velvet capsules to our website.  We do our own humane harvesting of the velvet in the spring, have our velvet small-batch freeze dried at a facility in Wisconsin, and sent to a Minnesota laboratory for quality testing, processing, and packaging. Our goal is not to be the lowest cost supplier or largest quantity provider but the BEST quality provider of locally raised elk and elk related products.